Welcome to my blog! 

My name is Agnese and I am originally from Galatina, a small town in the South of Italy very close to the sea.

After high school, I lived in Spain, Ireland, Austria and then Ireland again, where I stayed for a while and from where I travelled around Europe, until one day, in 2017, I decided to quit my job to go see other parts of the world. And this has definitely been the best experience of my life!Β 

Currently, I’m based in Dublin again, where I work for an environmental NGO. I am passionate about dance and circus and I spend most of my spare time training in these disciplines, but I also like going to flea markets, playing with my lovely dogs, drinking coffee and hiking.

What I look for when I travel is being as close as possible to nature and trying to really get to know a culture and talk to local people. My current mission is to explore ways of travelling in the most environmental-friendly way possible.

I created this blog to share my stories and pictures with other people, but, above all,  to try to keep the memories I make while travelling forever!